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RTPHOTO is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and we’re totally available to be part of your celebration wherever your heart desires! We LOVE new experiences and especially the the special moments you let us be part of.

Created in 2010 by Ryan Tubongbanua, RTPHOTO wanted to challenge what wedding photography and cinematography should be by creating images and films in a bold documentary style.


Ryan Tubongbanua

I am a storyteller that happens to love weddings.

I’m so excited that you want to know more about me! To be fair, I’d want to know more too if I was going to spend an entire day with that person!

Here are some quick highlights about me:

Growing up I loved the act of taking photographs of my family’s adventures. There was something about capturing the honestly in our day to day lives that spoke to me. Many years down the road I studied photojournalism at Fresno State and worked for a handful of print and online publications. It was there where I learned how to hone my curiosity to something that is meaningful and unique.

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Eisen Tuazon

I am a father, husband, and exercise enthusiast.

I met Ryan in 2014 on a family’s wedding cruise and not only did we literally become family on that trip, we found that our visions of what wedding photography and cinematography should be were perfectly aligned.

Cinematography has always been a concrete part of my being and how I artistically communicate my world view. As an independent filmmaker with over a decade of documenting weddings, I love sharing my storytelling vision and strive to offer an experience that is unmatched. Weddings shouldn’t just be a music video, it should be filled with real moments, your partner’s voice, and family.


Documenting life as it happens make us happy.

Let us share our perspective with you!

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